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[Arashi] Ousama no Branch 2009.04.25

Narrator: After this, we have a "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" special! MatsuJun cracks up at his members' words!

Reporter: Here's what we have next. "Himitsu no Arashi-chan", a show that all five Arashi members host, will air a special next week, so we have invaded their studio. In addition, we have received a message for TKO as well!

Suzuki: Near the end of April, "Himitsu no Arashi-chan" will hit their one year broadcast anniversary.
Nino: All right!
Suzuki: We're here to celebrate with you! Congratulations~!
Sho: Thank you very much.
Suzuki: How do you feel right now?
Sho: Let's see... After working with unwavering determination for one year, I'm very happy to finally arrive at this day.
Nakamura: What about you, Aiba-san?
Aiba: Right...
Nakamura: Yes.
Aiba: I look forward to every week, even as someone who does the show.
Suzuki: Leader, you must be looking forward to it every week as well?
Ohno: Yes, I'm given the great opportunity to watch it.
Girls: You're in the show! Isn't that answer kind of strange?
Nino: (overlapping) You're in it! You're in it, you're in it. Okay?

Nakamura Sayaka
Suzuki Akie]

Suzuki: And! Next week, on 30 April, the show will have its first two-hour episode, right? Congratulations~!
Nakamura: Congratulations!

Narrator: The five members of Arashi will use a gigantic screen to take on Super Mario. Who will shine the brightest in show business's first ever Mario King Battle! And! For the popular human beat box, Arashi will choose participants on their own. A special version with famous artistes will be shown! Next Thursday at 9pm, "Himitsu no Arashi-chan! Two-hour Special"! Don't miss it!

[What key highlights does the two hour special have?]

Sho: As a new challenge, we're taking on a Mario King battle with other artistes.
Girls: Ohh!
Sho: We wanted to decide who was the best at Super Mario Brothers.
Girls: Ohhh!
Sho: Besides the five of us, guests came down as well... that's right, we had Ogura Yuuko-san...
Suzuki: Yes.
Sho: TKO's Kinoshita-san...
Suzuki: You know, about TKO-san...
Nakamura: Yes.
Suzuki: From April onwards, they will be regulars on our show.
Jun: What did you say?
Suzuki: It has been confirmed!
Nakamura: It has been confirmed!
Nino: That's amazing!
Aiba: Wow.
Suzuki: Indeed!
Sho: So Kinoshita-san's in the studio, then?

[Please give our new regulars, TKO, a message!]

Nakamura: That's right, yes--
Suzuki: Right now--
Nakamura: Right now.
Suzuki: They're watching right now, I think, so do you have a message of some sort...?
Nino: Not really.
Suzuki: You don't? You don't have anything!
Nakamura: Looks like they don't have anything.

Narrator: And for "Ousama no Branch" this time, in order to learn more about Arashi, we've prepared this segment! It's called!

Girls: A special one-year anniversary segment. Arashi-chan! An all-kinds-of-secrets ranking!

Narrator: Now, we will give Arashi five themes. The person whose name is drawn has to think of the rank for all the members, including himself, in accordance to the themes, before changing their positions in order of rank from first to last. This way, unexpected facts of Arashi should be made clear to us! And the person who gets placed first most often will win the MVA award and get 10,000 yen worth of food vouchers for TBS's cafeteria, "Akasakatei".

[What is their favourite menu in TBS's "Akasakatei"?]

Nakamura: What's your favourite menu?
Nino: Tell them!
Sho: Tell them!
Aiba: Natto soba.
Girls: Natto soba!
Sho: Tell them what you put in it!
Aiba: I put in twice the amount of spring onions.
Suzuki: Okay! Twice the amount!
Sho: Tell them how many times you eat it in a day!
Aiba: Three times!
Suzuki: Eh!?
Nakamura: You must really love it!
Suzuki: That's amazing!
Aiba: In TBS, right?
Nino: That's all he eats!
Aiba: That's right, that's all I eat.

Suzuki: Here's the theme! Tada! "Who is the most generous?"
Jun: Ahh.
Nakamura: The person who will announce the ranks is right here... tada! Sakurai-san, please do the honours!
Suzuki: Yep!
Sho: I'll do my best.

[Ranking of generosity in Arashi chosen by Sakurai Sho]

Sho: Can you stand up for me?
Aiba: Let's get up.
Jun: Let's stand at the back.
Sho: Right.
Suzuki: How will he rank them?
Sho: Okay, Matsumoto-kun, can you sit there?
Jun: Is this okay?
Suzuki: Ohhh! He's number one?
Sho: You can sit over there first.
Nino: Wait, this doesn't help our motivation!
Aiba: It should be reversed! You should start by sitting a member here first! Right!? Otherwise our motivation... ours will just...
Suzuki: Their motivation...
Aiba: Why's the first place taken already!?
Suzuki: We don't have anything to look forward to, huh?
Aiba: You are so weird!!
Suzuki: That's right!
Nino: It's like we've got nothing left!
Aiba: Right! Exactly!

Narrator: So, Sakurai-san, take 2!

[Ranking of generosity in Arashi chosen by Sakurai Sho
First Second Third Fourth Fifth]

Sho: All right... shall I start with second place, then?
Nino: Ah, that's good!
Aiba: That's fine.
Suzuki: That's good!
Nino: Second is good, second is good, second is good!
Sho: Then... let's have Nino here.
Nino: All right!
Suzuki: Ohhh, it's Ninomiya-san!
Nino: I'm happy to have second. I'm happy to have second.
Aiba: It's okay, it's okay, first is still open!
Jun: First place is still open, right?
Aiba: (overlapping) First is still open!
Suzuki: That's right.
Sho: I'm third.
Nino: Okay, we'll leave this open, we'll leave this open.
Sho: Shall we have Aiba in fourth place?
Aiba: I'm here?
Sho: First or fifth, which one do you want?
Nino: First, let's go with first.
Sho: First?
Nino: Let's go with first.
Sho: Okay! Ohno-san, come over here. Matsumoto-kun, you're over there.
Girls: Ohhhhh!!
Suzuki: Leader takes first place!

[(MatsuJun) But he was first just now...]

Nino: Huh? This ranking is surprising.
Suzuki: A surprising result has appeared!

Narrator: Here is the ranking of generosity in Arashi chosen by Sakurai-san. Now what might his reasons be?

Sho: There's a corner called "Self-Instruction Manual", and the person who made the right guesses about our guests would receive that guest's favourite food.

[Self-Instruction Manual
It's a corner where the five members of Arashi make guesses on the guests' habits, and the one who makes the most number of accurate guesses will receive a present from that guest]

[Ranking of generosity in Arashi chosen by Sakurai Sho
First: Ohno Second: Ninomiya Third: Sakurai Fourth: Aiba Fifth: Matsumoto]

Nino: Ah, yes, yes.
Sho: That time, Jun received ramen or something from a guest... and I said, "Woww, how nice, can I have some?" He said, "No."
Suzuki: Oh my. Oh my.
Sho: So I was like, "But I wanted some~ I wanted sooome."
Jun: Yes, in that case, I'm definitely in this place.
Nino: On the other hand...
Aiba: That's right.
Suzuki: You've picked Leader to be first.
Sho: This person won't treat us to yakiniku, but he does treat us to ramen.
Suzuki: Why won't you treat them to yakiniku?
Ohno: 'cause yakiniku... is expensive.
Suzuki: That's exactly what it is, huh, a problem with the price. By the way, when Arashi goes out for dinner, who usually...?
Nino: We decide with rock, paper, scissors.
Suzuki: You play rock, paper, scissors and one person pays for all?
Aiba: One person.
Nino: One.
Suzuki: Who has been paying the most so far?
Aiba: It's usually me! Usually me!! The one who usually pays is me, when we go out to eat.

Narrator: Sakurai-san, thank you very much.

Suzuki: Here is the next theme! Tada! "Who is strong at the actual shooting?" Yep!
Nakamura: The person who will announce the ranks is... this person! Matsumoto-san! Matsumoto-san, please do the honours!

[Ranking of members in terms of their strength at actual shootings, chosen by Matsumoto Jun
First Second Third Fourth Fifth]

Jun: This is hard...
Suzuki: Yes.
Aiba: Shall we go with the middle?
Nino: A normal person should do, right? A normal person.
Jun: You'll do, I guess.
Suzuki: Oh, Leader!
Nakamura: Ohno-san.
Sho: I see!
Suzuki: He has been chosen for the normal place.
Sho: I can understand.
Aiba: To call him normal... He's normal huh, even the way he sits is normal.

Narrator: Then, Matsumoto-san chose Aiba-san for fourth place, and himself for second. Sakurai-san and Ninomiya-san are the ones left! So, which member will Matsumoto-san pick as the one who is strong at the actual shooting?

Jun: The strongest member... is him.
Nino: All right!
Girls: Ohhh, Ninomiya-san! You're number one!
Suzuki: Sakurai-san seems really shocked.
Nino: Let's sit down, let's sit down!

Narrator: Here is the ranking of members in terms of their strength at actual shootings, chosen by Matsumoto-san. Now what might his reasons be?

[Ranking of members in terms of their strength at actual shootings, chosen by Matsumoto Jun
First: Ninomiya Second: Matsumoto Third: Ohno Fourth: Aiba Fifth: Sakurai]

Jun: Nino is really witty...
Suzuki: Yes.
Jun: So when we have to do a shooting in one take, he's the type to pull it off smoothly.
Suzuki: Wow... he's heaping compliments on you!
Nino: All right, I'm very happy!
Suzuki: You're happy, huh?
Nino: Thank you very much!
Suzuki: On the other side, we've got a person looking very displeased...
Nakamura: But he does the news, doesn't he?
Jun: I think he's very strong when he comes on TV as a newscaster.
Suzuki: Yes.
Jun: The thing is, when he comes on as an idol...
Suzuki: Huh??
Nakamura: That's quite fatal as an Arashi member, right?
Sho: Maybe I've joined the wrong agency!

Narrator: Matsumoto-san, thank you very much for the nice comments! Here is the next theme. A ranking on the purity of Arashi's hearts! The person who will announce the ranks is Aiba-san.

[Ranking of members in terms of the purity of their hearts, chosen by Aiba Masaki
First Second Third Fourth Fifth]

Aiba: It's hard to work with "pure"...
Jun: Maybe something like whether he's calculative or not.
Sho: Calculative people aren't pure, while people who aren't calculative are pure.

Narrator: The one whose heart is purest in Arashi is...? Aiba-san chose Sakurai-san to be third. He made Ohno-san second.

Nino: You're the only one who's happy about this! You want this, don't you!
Aiba: Okay, Ninomiya-kun, you go here!
Nino: See, I knew it!!
Suzuki: He's fifth, he's fifth!

Narrator: Here is the ranking of members in terms of the purity of their hearts, chosen by Aiba-san.

[Ranking of members in terms of the purity of their hearts, chosen by Aiba Masaki
First: Aiba Second: Ohno Third: Sakurai Fourth: Matsumoto Fifth: Ninomiya]

Aiba: Leader's full of love! Somehow, he'll love one item well. For example, even with T-shirts, he'll wear it till it rips.

Nakamura: That's great, yes.
Aiba: Like jerseys too, he'll wear them until the elbows get all faded. I think the fact that he can treasure his belongings like that makes him pure.
Suzuki: I see, that's great.
Nino: I see. I see.

Narrator: Well then, why might Ninomiya-san be in fifth place?

Aiba: The game Nino plays is always different.
Suzuki: Eh?
Aiba: That's why I think he's got distraction issues.
Jun: He just judged you based on your gameplay.
Nino: He's using my gaming...
Aiba: Once he's cleared something, he'll play a different one, so I want him to know that he ought to play it again!
Sho: You need to do something about your logic of "treasures belongings equals pure heart"...
Aiba: No, but, I can't rank you guys if I don't consider it that way.
Sho: Then, why are YOU sitting there?
Aiba: See, for me... I'm willing to do anything for you guys!
Nino: Who the hell cares!?

Narrator: It's an original ranking decided by the silly Aiba-san. And here is the next theme. A ranking on Arashi's number of friends! The person who will announce the ranks is Ohno-san. In order, Ohno-san picked Sakurai-san for first place, then Matsumoto-san, and Aiba-san. The last fourth and fifth place is...?

[Ranking of members in terms of their number of friends, chosen by Ohno Satoshi
First Second Third Fourth Fifth]

Suzuki: And?
Ohno: Fourth place is...
Nino: Me, and...?
Suzuki: Ohhh! Leader takes fourth place!
Nakamura: He's fourth!
Nino: Me? I'm there? There?
Nakamura: And Ninomiya-san is...
Suzuki: Fifth.
Nakamura: Fifth.

Narrator: Here is the ranking of members in terms of their number of friends, chosen by Ohno-san.

[Ranking of members in terms of their number of friends, chosen by Ohno Satoshi
First: Sakurai Second: Matsumoto Third: Aiba Fourth: Ohno Fifth: Ninomiya]

Ohno: Well, I have the impression that Sho-kun has a wide range of friends.
Sho: On my free days, my schedule's pretty packed. From ten o'clock to twelve o'clock, I'll meet this person, then this person...
Suzuki: What kind of folks are you good friends with?
Sho: Lately, the people I meet often in private are sports players or athletes... because I was given the opportunity to attend the Peking Olympics last year.
Nakamura: Yes! By the way, why might Matsumoto-san be in second place?
Ohno: I have the impression that MatsuJun always throws parties.
Jun: I don't throw parties, but I do go out for meals, I do gather lots of people to have a meal together.

Narrator: And the one we're curious about is Ninomiya-san, who got fifth place.

Ohno: For Nino... he does magic tricks, doesn't he?
Suzuki: Yes!
Nino: (overlapping) So I've got a lot of friends, right?
Ohno: Right? The truth is, the people who gather for his tricks aren't friends.
Suzuki: Eh? Who are they??
Sho: That's too depressing! That's too depressing!!
Jun: (overlapping) If they're not his friends... why would they hang out with him?
Aiba: (overlapping) Who are they?
Ohno: He doesn't have friends and he's lonely, that's why he pulls out magic tricks.
Suzuki: In order to have friends, he does magic!
Nakamura: I see!

Narrator: Up till now, Ohno-san, Ninomiya-san, Aiba-san and Sakurai-san have all gotten first place once. So, who will get the food vouchers for TBS's cafeteria!? And finally, here's the last theme. The theme will only be announced to Ninomiya-san and the audience. The other members won't know what it is!

Suzuki: Here is the ranking Ninomiya-san will choose!
Nakamura: Okay! That's a great reaction.
Suzuki: Makes you curious, doesn't it?

Narrator: Well now, what theme could Ninomiya-san have gotten?

[Ranking of members according to a secret theme, chosen by Ninomiya Kazunari
First Second Third Fourth Fifth]

Nino: For me, the last place is more over here...

[The absolute last?]

Suzuki: Huh? The fifth place is really quite far away!
Nakamura: It's that far, huh? So it drops that much!
Nino: That's right.
Nakamura: Between fourth and fifth place.
Nino: MatsuJun!
Sho: Eh?
Nino: MatsuJun's first.
Suzuki: Ohhhhh!
Jun: What, what?
Nakamura: We have a round of applause here!
Suzuki: The audience approves!
Nakamura: Right?
Suzuki: First is Matsumoto-san!
Nino: Unfortunately, it's good to go first for this one, so we can stir up excitement.
Sho: I see, I see.
Nino: Second is Sakurai-san.
Sho: Will I do?
Aiba: What is this? What is this, exactly!?
Nino: I'll take third for myself.
Sho: Fifth place is pretty harsh!
Aiba: It's harsh, isn't it?
Sho: That distance is harsh!
Aiba: This one is better, right?

Narrator: Ohno-san and Aiba-san are the last ones left. Which one will be the absolute last?

Nino: Fifth place is... Aiba-san.
Suzuki: Ehhhh! Aiba-san takes fifth place!

[Ranking of members according to a secret theme, chosen by Ninomiya Kazunari
First: Matsumoto Second: Sakurai Third: Ninomiya Fourth: Ohno Fifth: Aiba]

Nakamura: The audience is clapping though. Seems it fits.
Suzuki: He has gone somewhat far away.

[All alone...]

Jun: (overlapping) He's gone very far away!
Nino: (overlapping) Very, very.
Suzuki: This is quite difficult for the cameraman. You look good all lonely like that. Do you want to find out what ranking this is?
Aiba: Can you project your voice please?
Suzuki: Sorry! You're pretty far away from us, huh!
Nakamura: That's right!
Suzuki: Sorry!
Nakamura: We're sorry!
Aiba: Sorry, please project your voice.
Girls: Okay!

Narrator: Just what was the theme?

[After the CM
Arashi has a huge fight!?]

Suzuki: Here's the theme Ninomiya-san was given! Tada! "If I were girl, who would I date?"
Nino: Don't come here! Don't come here!!
Suzuki: Sorry, you're fifth!
Aiba: Oi! Oi! Why!?
Nino: Go back, you're over there!

Narrator: Ninomiya-san's theme is: if I were a girl, who would I date? This is the result!

Nino: Jun-kun is very considerate. With his cast members, with friends, when he actually asks whether you can make it for drinks, I can feel he's considerate...
Suzuki: Yes. So it's important to be considerate...
Nino: It's important, right?
Nakamura: Yes it is.
Nino: Right?
Nakamura: Aiba-san, are you okay? Aiba-san? Are you awake?
Aiba: Can I ask why I'm fifth?
Nakamura: That's right. Yes.
Suzuki: Um... he's in fifth place and very far away...
Nino: First of all... he's noisy.
Suzuki: Eh? Eh!? Really!?
Nino: Just now, he was in a higher rank than me because he has friends, but...
Suzuki: Yes.
Nino: I think he probably has friends! I've seen him calling them before. But he's always rejected!
Suzuki: Eh? Aiba-san! That's very sad!
Nakamura: That's quite a sad piece of news!
Nino: For an idol, right? Right?
Aiba: That's not something you should say on TV!!
Nakamura: This sounds real, doesn't it?
Suzuki: You're right! Aiba-san! Are you okay?
Nakamura: (overlapping) Are you okay?
Nino: He'll try to attract attention by doing things like that.

Narrator: In the end, all of them got first place. So, all five of them will divide the prize amongst themselves!

Sho: Ehhhh... Next Thursday, we will air a two-hour special for "Himitsu no Arashi-chan". We will watch many videos, so I hope you enjoy it. Please watch it, we'll be most honoured.
Ohno: Following this, watch "Ousama no Branch" too, okay!

Nakamura: Thank you very much!
Suzuki: Thank you very much!
Guy: Ohno-san, thank you very much. Um... TKO pair.
TKO: Yes!
Guy: Arashi said they didn't really have a message for you...
Kinoshita: Well, they must have felt too abashed... that cheeky Nino. Right? But you know, this show is really interesting. We had a Mario battle, um... and we adults had a serious fight, so... you can watch a grand battle between men.
Girl: You look really serious!
Kinoshita: I was super nervous.

["Himitsu no Arashi-chan! 2-hour special
Airs on 30 April (Thurs) 9pm]

Reporter: Well, "Himitsu no Arashi-chan two-hour special" will air next Thursday, 9pm. Please look forward to it! Here's what we have next.


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Apr. 25th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
This is great! :) Thanks for all your hard work 8D
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My pleasure!
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)

And you're soooo fast. Thanks so much Aki-san ♥
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A-And... Nino, why Jun??? xDDDDD.
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Waow you're fast,thanks ^^
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you soo mych for translating :D

Apr. 25th, 2009 04:31 pm (UTC)
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:33 pm (UTC)
aiba's favorite food = natto soba. he really loves it...

i love sho's face when the boys scolded him for starting the first place...and we can see that ohno's being mean to his husband here, maybe he's just jealous for not being with him.

thank you for translating this...
Apr. 26th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
I know right? They scolded him, but no one said anything when Ohno picked the first place first. XDD And Ohno *LOL* I wonder if his impression of Nino is really true. The way Nino looked, I think there might be some truth to it; even if it isn't true, Ohno's so getting the couch tonight. (I actually thought Nino would get back at Ohno by putting him in fifth place for his theme... but he took it out on Aiba instead. XD;)

You're welcome!
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing!

Eeeh, I would've though Riida would be first for live performance unless they're talking about recording for TV performances and NGs ;_; The Nino vs Aiba feud is hilarious, it always end up like that.
Apr. 26th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
You're welcome!

No, they're talking about shootings for TV! That's my mistake. ^^;; But yeah, the ranking makes more sense that way, huh? Hahaha, it shows what great friends they are, right? *grin*
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
Eeeeh?!!! Oh chan is noraml in live performances?! o.O
noo~..for me i think he is the strongets ! ne~? his voice his dance..o.o
Oh chan turn was sooo cuuute and i think its true..poor nino chan xD
thank u sooo much for ~^_^...*hugs*
Apr. 25th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
...what about MC? if we count that in, they balance each other out, ne? XD
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Apr. 25th, 2009 04:42 pm (UTC)
I didn't get everything when watching....so thank you for translating :)

It was a really fun and interesting segment!
Apr. 26th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
You're very welcome!

Isn't it? Ousama comes up with such fun segments every time. XD
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:45 pm (UTC)
Hahaha this was hilarious. Nino and Aiba are like kids! THanks for sharing. :D
Apr. 26th, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)
*LOL* YES. I couldn't stop laughing when Aiba came up with his chair. And Nino kept shoving him back. Oh boys.

And you're welcome~
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Before reading, let me thank you for this. LOTS OF LOVE!
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thanks for translating~~~<3
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thanks for sharing ne
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
thanks for translating :) Aiba's cute, haha :)
Apr. 25th, 2009 04:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the translations. ♥

Poor Aiba-chan being ranked fifth by Nino. He looked a little puppy who's been kicked in the clip.
Apr. 26th, 2009 02:26 am (UTC)
My pleasure. ♥

Yeahhh. *pats Aiba* I agree with the reporters though, he looks good in the corner with his wide-collared shirt. *cough*
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