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[Arashi] Music Station 02.15.08

Mini Music Station

[Until M-Station
(countdown time in min and sec)]

Dou Mariko
(TV Asahi announcer)

Mariko: This is a corner that will bring you the artistes' exciting true faces minutes before the live broadcast of Music Station, Mini Music Station, Mini-Sute. Tonight is the members of Arashi~!

Nino: Please take care of us~! Hooray!
Mariko: Arashi, please take care of us~
Nino: That's weird isn't it! I'm telling you it's weird!
Mariko: Huh? The two over there...
Nino: We're sorry, we're sorry about that.
Jun: Sorry.
Mariko: Well then! Ninomiya-san!
Nino: Yes!
Mariko: It seems like you had a shocking event the other day.
Nino: That's right.
Sho: Eh, what?
Nino: Around this time, I rode a train, right. And while I was waiting at the platform for the train...
Mariko: Yes.
Nino: A foreigner called out to me.
Sho: Oh!
Aiba: Oh, a sign has arrived!
Mariko: As we expected right?
Sho: "Letters from Iwo Jima"!
Mariko: A Hollywood movie, right?
Sho: A Hollywood star!
Nino: That's what I thought!
Mariko: That's what you thought.
Nino: Yes.
Sho: That's right.
Mariko: Was he perhaps asking for a handshake, or for an autograph?
Nino: No, he asked, "Where is Akihabara?"
Sho: That's quite a regretful result huh!
Aiba: Well, well, well...
Nino: I answered him normally but,
Mariko: Yes.
Nino: To be asked directions, I was... a little embarrassed that I expected more.
Sho: Well, that's how it turns out, huh.
Mariko: But it's quite surprising that you ride the train.
Nino: Really? Everyone's riding it.
Sho: We are, we are.
Aiba: We do,
Mariko: Really?
Aiba: usually.

Mariko: Eh, for the other four, have you had people calling out to you before?
Sho: For me, in the middle of filming for a drama, "Ahhh, hello, hello. I'm always watching... Arashi's... right? Ohno-kun," I was told.
Aiba: Huh?
Sho: I'm Sakurai, you know, Sakurai.
Nino: It'd be great if that person saw that just now huh. You can't, you can't, please don't film this.
Aiba: Please don't film it.
Mariko: Does Matsumoto-san have any stories?
Jun: Me? Well, for me, my face is thick so people immediately recognise me. Yes.
Sho: It's a question of thickness.
Nino: Yes.
Sho: A question of thickness.
Mariko: I see.
Nino: The fact that he's being called means that he's recognised.
Aiba: I'm sorry!
Nino: I'm sorry.
Aiba: I'm sorry!
Mariko: Okay!
Aiba: I'm sorry!
Mariko: What about Aiba-san, do you have any moments when you're recognised?
Aiba: Recognised?
Mariko: Yes.
Aiba: There're moments when girls who bought an Arashi CD didn't recognise me.
Mariko: Ehhhh!
Aiba: Occasionally.
Mariko: Really??
Nino: It's different for each person, it's different for each person!
Aiba: (overlapping) Recognise me, already! Thanks~
Sho: This was Arashi~
Mariko: I see! I'm sorry but it's about time for us to close this up, so please take care of us~! Allow me to introduce our guests.


Tamori: Arashi, please take care of us.
Arashi: Please take care of us~
Mariko: Well then, Matsumoto-san, you rushed over here from your movie filming tonight didn't you?
Jun: Yes.
Tamori: From where?
Jun: I came from Hong Kong.
Tamori: Ehh.
Jun: Yes.
Tamori: You arrived today, from Hong Kong?
Jun: Yes, I filmed for the movie there, then this morning, I flew in from Hong Kong, returned to Japan, and came to Music Station like that.
Tamori: Really?
Jun: I came back for Music Station.
Tamori: Thank you very much.
Jun: Thanks for the hard work.
Tamori: You're going back to Hong Kong again?
Jun: I'm going back.
Tamori: When?
Jun: I'm going back immediately after.
Tamori: You're going back already?
Jun: Yes. I'll perform this, then immediately go back.
Mariko: You're so busy!!
Jun: Yes.
Tamori: Thank you very much, please take care of us.
Jun: Please take care of us.

Mariko: And, it seems like everyone in Arashi has been looking forward to performing together with them (Backstreet Boys) today, right?
Jun: Yes.
Nino: Yes.
Sho: Before this, five of us went to watch their concert together.
Tamori: Oh, really?
Jun: Yes.
Tamori: Together?
Jun: We went together.
Nino: We went together.
Sho: We're always together.
Tamori: Ah, I see. Hehh... that's what they're saying, what do you think...?
Backstreet boys: We're excited to be here with everyone, I mean... it's just an honour.
Interpreter: We're honoured to be able to perform with everyone.
Tamori: Ohh.
Jun: Thank you very much.
Tamori: Thank you very much. Please take care of us.

Arashi talk

Tamori: Next is Arashi, please take care of us.
Arashi: Please take care of us~
Mariko: Well, it seems like Ohno-san has been fishing since the end of last year, and all the members are a little surprised by that, right?

[Ohno's hobby is fishing...

Tamori: Fishing?
Sho: Um... what happened the other day was that, we had work at 10am in the morning, but, the night before, from 23:00h (11pm) until 4am in the morning, he went out fishing. In other words...
Tamori: Last week?
Sho: That's right.
Tamori: During such a cold time?
Sho: He only slept for 2 hours but, during work, for some reason he's energetic.
Jun: He's really energetic. Rather, he's more energetic when he goes fishing.
Nino: That's true.
Tamori: Hohh.
Sho: Why are you energetic?
Ohno: No, well...
Tamori: How is it?
Ohno: I can't resist fishing. With that excitement still not cooled down, I go to work... then at work, when I think about the fishing I did just now, my tension is really high.
Nino: He's a little...
Tamori: That means that you don't think about work right?
Nino: That's right. He's a bit of a pervert, you see.
Ohno: No no no.
Aiba: He's a pervert but he's our leader, right? So we can't really say he's a pervert.
Nino: He'll get aroused just thinking about fish, our leader. So his tension will rise further and further, and he'll go to photoshoots like that.

Jun: He'll go even if it's snowing.
Tamori: Ehh?
Jun: He says it's not cold at all, even if it's snowing.
Sho: Why is that?
Tamori: Why is that, why? Even if it's snowing, you'll go fish in the ocean too?
Ohno: I fish in the ocean. And clearly... I get excited.
Nino: That's why he's a pervert.
Ohno: No no no.
Nino: He'll get aroused again next time.
Tamori: All you think about is fishing?
Ohno: For fishing, I ride a boat out to do it but, even if it snows, it's not cold. And, when I get off the boat, then it's cold.
Tamori: Ehh.
Ohno: So clearly...
Tamori: You really like it huh!
Aiba: After that in the morning, when we meet him for work, Leader's amazing. In the car, he's going "ZZZZZ" and sleeping the entire time. When we ask, "Where did you go?" he'd say, "Ah, fishing... ZZZZZZ." So he'd fall asleep within 3 seconds, but when he goes to work, he gets lively, right? Somehow some kind of switch will turn on right?
Nino: Right now fishing is turning into his purpose in life.
Ohno: That's right.
Tamori: It's definitely more fun than work?
Nino: What's shocking is, he's going today too.
Tamori: Eh, you're going today?
Ohno: I'm going after this is over today.
Sho: We could tell that he's restless! When we entered the dressing room today, he couldn't calm down the entire time.
Tamori: Ah, really.
Sho: So, because he couldn't really calm down, maybe today...
Tamori: When you asked him whether he was going, he said he was?
Sho: "I'm going," he said.
Nino: It's amazing, he said that he'll go right after he's done singing.
Aiba: He wants to finish it and go play.
Jun: He might not be there at the end.
Ohno: Tamori-san, I didn't say that!
Aiba: He'll go without finishing things.
Tamori: So there's a possibility that you might be gone for the ending!
Nino: (overlapping) There's a possibility.
Ohno: No I'll be there!
Mariko: Please be there!
Nino: (overlapping) He might have gone fishing!
Tamori: Alright, then please stand-by.
Arashi: Please take care of us~
Mariko: Please do the honours~

Mariko: Well then, PORNO GRAFFITI's Akihito-san likes fishing as well, right?
Tamori: (overlapping) Ah, Akihito-kun is obsessed with fishing?
Akihito: Yes, I love it.
Tamori: Do you understand those feelings just now?
Akihito: I really understand.
Tamori: Ah, really?
Akihito: If you give Ohno-kun and me 5 minutes, we can convey that charm to everyone right here. Roughly speaking, it's a competition between souls so,
Mariko: Yes.
Akihito: I think that's what excites him.
Tamori: It's not cold, even if it snows?
Akihito: Yes, it's not cold at all, basically.
Tamori: You're okay even if you don't sleep for about 2 hours?
Akihito: I'm fine even if I don't sleep.
Mariko: I see...
Tamori: I don't understand...
Mariko: Shall we move on?
Tamori: Let's move on!
Mariko: Well then, here's Arashi's "Step and Go". Please go ahead.


(where Akihito said he had the honour of sending his bald-head picture to Johnny's Jimusho when he was in middle school, thanks to his older sister)

Tamori: Arashi must have sent in photographs as well, right?
Nino: That's right, everyone sent in photographs but, for me... um, I was a person who didn't want to get in at all so... with my hair still disarranged from sleeping, I took one in front of the Buddhist altar.
Tamori: You didn't want to join the Johnny's?
Nino: That's why, instead, I think there's a freshness in sending in a picture of yourself bald after I heard about that.
Mariko: I see...
Tamori: I wonder if he would get mad with such a picture!
Mariko: I wonder... shall we move on then?
Tamori: Let's move on.
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