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[Arashi] Music Lovers 2009.07.05

Host: Our artiste tonight is Arashi! It has been confirmed that they will perform at Kokuritsu for three consecutive days this summer. The group who has managed to charm fans everywhere will give us an amazing concert.

Host: Our guest lovers are actually an Arashi fan, Yuzu's Kitagawa Yuuji, and female badminton player's Shiota Reiko. Come, let us open the doors of music. We strive to give you a superb performance. Music Lovers is brought to you by "Designing The Future KDDI".

Jun: Our concert dates are out, so let's make this our pre-concert performance!

[Step and Go]

Host: Arashi sure livened things up on Music Lovers, didn't they? Now, let us have them introduce the new summer models. With au cellphones,
Arashi: you can enjoy a different summer from last year.

Jun: This is my cellphone, book cellphone biblio. It's time for us to read books on our cellphones. You can carry 5,000 paperbacks in here.

[biblio cellphone case sold separately]

[Assuming that one book takes up 576KB of memory, the largest number of books you can store in your data folder is 5,000]

Ohno: This is solar phone, SH002. It can charge with solar power, so you can avoid a sudden flat battery. It is also waterproof.

[PX5/PX7 compatible
Please secure the lock after you have shut the cap tightly and attached the battery pack cover]

[Please do not soak this in the sea, pool, or hot springs]

Aiba: This is mine! Waterproof sports cellphone, Sportio waterbeat! It's waterproof, so no worries about getting it wet! Highly recommended for you active folks!

[PX5/PX7 compatible
Please secure the lock after you have shut the cap tightly and attached the battery pack cover]

[Please do not soak this in the sea, pool, or hot springs]

Sho: Mine is a waterproof cellphone for use abroad, T002. It uses the powerful worldwide Global Passport for international roaming. Seems like something you can use on a beach resort overseas, too.

[PX5/PX7 compatible
Please secure the lock after you have shut the cap tightly and attached the battery pack cover]

[Please do not soak this in the sea, pool, or hot springs]

Nino: Looking good~! Mobile Hi-Vision CAM WOO. Capture your memories by taking pretty pictures on your cellphone. You can enjoy your videos on television at a beautiful resolution as well.

[Please check for compatible televisions at the nearest store]

Host: On July 1st, Arashi's new single and au's commercial song was released. Starting on July 8th, the acoustic mix version of this tune will be shared as a ringtone, with priority given to au users.

Aiba: We recommend all new au summer models. Please go to an au shop...
Arashi: ... and try them out!
Host: After the break, we'll have a Special Arashi Concert!
Arashi: Please look forward to it!


Host: Kitagawa-san! What did you think of the concert tonight?

[Experiencing the concert with the audience]

Kitagawa: I've never really watched it with the crowd before, so it was really fun, and sometimes when I look up the stage, I feel like, "Ah! My eyes met Matsujun's!" I can't really explain it, but... I realized that's how fans must feel.
Host: Kitagawa-san and Shiota-san went to an Arashi concert on the same day, right?

[Last year, Kitagawa-san and Shiota-san went to an Arashi concert on the same day by sheer coincidence]

Shiota: Yes!
Kitagawa: I didn't know at all.
Shiota: (overlapping) Yes, yes.
Kitagawa: We totally went on our own.

Nino: Sorry! Why did you go?
Sho: Exactly.
Nino: Right?

[Yuzu's Kitagawa, Shiota went to Arashi's concert...]

Kitagawa: My niece... is a HUGE Arashian fan, you see. Then I started liking you after listening to your music, too. So I gradually began to do the movements with the other fans...
Host: And you, Shiota-san?
Shiota: I was invited by Sakurai-san.
Sho: I interviewed her before the Beijing Olympics,
Shiota: Yes.
Sho: and she gave me a lot of power and energy, so as a way to repay the favour...
Host: Like, "Okay! Time for you to see the real me!"
Sho: Well, to be honest, that was part of the intention.

Narrator: Lovers Questionnaire 100. Tonight, we will try to fix a character to the super idols, Arashi, by choosing the top member for various themes.

Host: Here's the first question.
Kitagawa: Okay!
Host: Who do you think is the most popular guy in Arashi?
Jun: Here it is!
Host: Okay, first! Kitagawa-san!
Kitagawa: Okay, here. Matsumoto-san.
Jun: Thank you very much.
Host: And Shiota-san?
Jun: All right!

[Popular guy No. 1
"Matsumoto Jun"]

Host: Kitagawa-san, why do you feel that way?
Kitagawa: You see, my niece is a rather old-school middle schooler, but the first person who caught her attention was Matsumoto-san.
Jun: Wow, I'm glad to hear that!
Host: By the way, three out of five in Arashi chose Matsumoto-san.

[Sakurai: Matsumoto
Aiba: Matsujun
Ninomiya: Matsumoto-kun]

Nino: He's kind. And as you can see, even though I did the exact same thing, the cheers he got was a hundred times louder. I think it's because he makes it look kind of sexy.
Jun: No, I don't!

[Matsujun can make
"normal words" sound cool]

Host: Sakurai-san, you gave the same answer.
Sho: Um... Here's a "normal phrase" I can think of that sounds cool when Matsujun says it. To the manager, he said, "Excuse me. Please get me some hot water." I was like, can you possibly make "hot water" sound any cooler?
Aiba: At restaurants, too!
Jun: Really?
Aiba: He makes the phrase, "please bring me warm tea" sound super cool!
Sho: He could've just gotten cold tea, right? But of course, he'd choose warm tea!

Host: By the way, who did you pick, Leader?


Ohno: I chose Sho-kun.

[Ohno: Sho-kun]

Sho: Seriously!?
Host: What is your reason?
Jun: What is it?
Ohno: Well... he's very good-looking.

Host: I see. Here's the next question. Which Arashi member seems like the best one to go to when you have problems?
Nino: Here it is!
Sho: It's here.
Aiba: Who is it?
Kitagawa: I can't really tell, but... Sakurai-san.
Host: Sakurai-san.
Shiota: Wow, amazing. My answer's the same.

[Most reliable No. 1
"Sakurai Sho"]

Host: Let's talk about your reasons.
Shiota: Okay. I... find him very wonderful, and he seems like a person who'll listen very seriously to my problems...
Audience: Whaa...
Shiota: Huh? They're saying, "Whaa..."
Sho: No, don't listen to them.
Shiota: Is this all right? Is this okay?

Host: By the way, two out of the five members chose Sakurai-san.

[Aiba: Sho-kun
Ohno: Sho-kun]

Ohno: Well, I get the feeling he'll give a very precise, practical solution.
Host: Have you asked him for help before?
Ohno: No.


Ohno: Okay, how's everyone doing? You should all get sunburnt, too!
Sho: No, no.
Nino: Please stop making yourself the benchmark for suntans. Okay?
Sho: Well then, here's our newest song. Please listen to it. "Everything".

Jun: Hey! Music Lovers! Daaaance! C'mon!!
Sho: Hey! Clap clap ah clap! Clap clap ah clap! Clap clap ah clap!

Ohno: Daance!!

Host: Here's a question for Kitagawa-san. Which Arashi member will probably be the most troublesome if he were to be a Yuzu member?
Nino: We're totally okay! We're mentally very strong!
Sho: We're like the Johnny's mental buffer. We're totally okay!
Host: If you absolutely had to choose one.
Kitagawa: If I had to...
Nino: If he had to, right?
Aiba: Right.
Nino: It's a forced choice.
Kitagawa: You're right.
Host: Please show your answer to everyone.
Kitagawa: It's tough.

[Most troublesome No. 1
"Ohno Satoshi"]

Nino: You can take it! You can take it!! You're strong! You've got a strong mind! Ahh, he's smiling, he's smiling.
Yuzu: Are you okay?
Ohno: ... why?

Kitagawa: My impression is that you have specific hobbies, that you're a free spirit. You draw and stuff, don't you?
Ohno: Ah, yes.
Kitagawa: With your specific tastes, I don't think we can get along very well as partners. And... you're dark.

[For some reason, he's got an intense suntan]

Sho: You're kind of burnt!
Nino: You're amazing...
Aiba: When Leader was doing his make-up today, the make-up artist was like, "I don't have a foundation that fits your skin anymore!"
Nino: She brought out this foundation that looked like mud or something. I was like, what's with that colour?

Host: You have to consider where he should stand, too. When you're singing "Natsuiro", for example.

[If Ohno joined Yuzu...]

Nino: It's a famous song, so he should stand next to the drums.
Kitagawa: Yeah.

Host: Next is a song that was shared for a limited time in spring - season. They will perform this song, which was considered famous and loved even in that period of anxiety, for the first time on television tonight.

Sho: Thank you very much!
Aiba: Thank you very much!
Nino: Thank you very much!

[After the break
Arashi will make a huge declaration for the summer!]

Jun au

[A different summer from last year]

Jun: The stage was set. The hour was near; the moon full. The phantom slowly laid a hand on his mask. In that instant...!

[A book cellphone,
giving us a different summer from last year]

Female: You don't have to be that alarmed.

Narrator: au by KDDI. Campaign is ongoing.

Ohno au

Colleague: Ohno-kun. What's wrong?
Ohno: I feel kind of tired...
Colleague: How long can you keep this up? You're always so busy.
Ohno: Shall we take a long vacation and recharge?
Colleague: Are you stupid?
Ohno: This one's charging too.

[A solar phone,
giving us a different summer from last year]

Ohno: Let's charge this baby!
Colleague: Solar!
Ohno: Charging!
Colleague: Solar!
Ohno: Charging!
Colleague: Solar!
Ohno: Charging!

Women: He's so cool...

Narrator: au by KDDI. Campaign is ongoing.

Aiba & Sho au

Aiba: I wonder why... It's a path I see all the time, but every time I run...
Sho: I'm not angry!
Aiba: I see a different face, a different scenery.

[A waterproof cellphone,
giving us a different summer from last year]

Sho: He sure is having fun...

Narrator: au by KDDI. Campaign is ongoing.

Host: As this year is Arashi's tenth anniversary, we've asked them to say a few words.

Jun: We managed to make it for ten years thanks to the fans who supported us right from our debut days. I think it's a result born from the support we've received from people around us, so I think it'd be great if we can thank everyone in person at our concerts.

Host: Arashi shows us more of their growth by performing at Kokuritsu for three consecutive days, a first time ever for any artiste. What are concerts to these members?

Arashi: Love.

Host: For all the people who love music, this was brought to you by "Designing The Future KDDI".

Host: Next week, we have Mizutani Yutaka's Special Concert. Ooizumi You is the Guest Lovers. Don't miss the hilarious talk between two charismatic actors! You may visit Music Lover's mobile site at this address. Access it this instant!


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Jul. 6th, 2009 12:27 pm (UTC)
he benchmark for suntans.

LOL! HOMG. Ohno, get ahold of yourself!! XD And don't sit close to Sho, it just emphasizes how grilled you are!

...Looks like Ohno is a Sho-fanboy.

Thanks! This made me giggle shamelessly. :)
Jul. 6th, 2009 12:35 pm (UTC)
God yeah. ;o; Sho's skin is so fair, it totally makes Ohno look black. Not that... he isn't... sob.

Sho's face when Ohno's said it. Surprise and affection and why are you saying this on TV all mixed in one. XD

You're welcome. <333
(no subject) - dvampyrlestat - Jul. 6th, 2009 12:47 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - wingsonwords - Jul. 6th, 2009 01:10 pm (UTC) - Expand
(no subject) - dvampyrlestat - Jul. 6th, 2009 01:34 pm (UTC) - Expand
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:03 pm (UTC)
**the make-up artist was like, "I don't have a foundation that fits your skin anymore!"** -> Hahahaha..WTH!?? I burst laughing out loud when I read this statement..and Nino add more spice in it **She brought out this foundation that looked like mud** Hahahaha~!! ~<33333
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
Ahhahahaha~~~ Thanks for the translation! I was just watching the video and you've already posted this!

Poor Oh-chan but yeah I bet only Arashi-love can tolerate and simply laugh it off when it comes to his special habits and forever darkening skin tone~ XD
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
<<< see icon

I already offered over at Tsuribaka, but both of you (Aki chan and Jeffer), deserve this.

I will ask again:
would you like
a) handmade Ohno shaped cookies
b) handmade fresh fish chahan (my ben style without the addition of globlin fish)
c) both

I do believe the above are registered to be best for
a) brains near death
b) ringing ears
c) hurting wrists

So what do you say? XD

oh and us Zerocasters cant be any happier with the Tsuribakas at oggling the Yama pair~
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
I am so certain that Ohno has a crush on Sho!!
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)
LOLS. All the Juntoshi and Ohmiya and the Sho-fanboying by Ohno. XD
Ahaha Nino, I don't think the cheers were any louder when Jun also did to Ohno what Nino did before.
Did I see right or did Ohno sort of 'pushed' or rather elbowed Jun away when he got held close by Jun?? XDD That was hilarious.. considering he leaned in to Nino looking so comfortable.

Thanks for the translations ^^.
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:13 pm (UTC)
thanks a lotz for the translation :)
(Deleted comment)
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:23 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for translating and sharing.
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
thanks so much for these!!! <3
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much! <3

Arashi is LOVE as well as their songs and concerts. ^_^
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
Ohno was such a genius for choosing some random reason for Sho's popularity \o/
You're fast :D Thanks for translating and sharing ^^
Jul. 6th, 2009 01:49 pm (UTC)
Sho's reactions/faces on this talk were so cute!!
1. When the guest were choosing for the first question then OHMIYA!
2. When Ohno said ikemen.
3. When Kitagawa and Shiota answer the second question.
4. When Ohno said he's never asked for help.

Thanks, Aki-san!! Talk on Music Lovers never fails me...
Jul. 6th, 2009 02:26 pm (UTC)
The crowd may have cheered louder when Jun leaned on Ohno, however, it seems that Ohno totally rejected him and goes closer to Nino.

Jul. 6th, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
Nino: He's very kind. And as you can see, even though I did the exact same thing, the cheers he got was a hundred times louder. I think it's because he makes it look kind of sexy.

r-really? i squealed ALOT more when it was Ohmiya.. but that's just me. XD hahaha! thanks so much for the translation ♥
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