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Mino: Well then, this weekend wasn't hot, and was very relaxing, wasn't it? Let's all be lively together, Gakkou e Ikou...
All: MAX!
Mino: Okay then, for tonight's "Gakkou e Ikou MAX", we shall start watching from here!

Narrator: In the last episode, they appeared in Japan's greatest fashion event, "Tokyo Girls Collection". Surprising 20,000 over spectators, was Gakkou e Ikou MAX's "Josou Paradise"! For these boys, they have a new mission tonight! They're V6's juniors, and they're starting a new program on TBS from April called "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!". It's the very popular idol group, Arashi! With that Arashi, we shall carry out a prank meeting between Arashi and the crossdressing boys!

Narrator: In a previous episode, when we prepared a dressing room prank on Okada for his first participation in "Josou Paradise"...

[Broadcasted March 11]

Hidaka: Pardon me, I'm going to leave the coffee here.
Sakamoto: It's not exposed at all! He can't tell!
Narrator: He didn't notice at all, making it a great success! Tonight, "Josou Paradise"'s chosen members will infiltrate Arashi's dressing room as well. Well, what will Arashi's reactions be? "Josou Paradise"'s special arc: If Arashi Encountered Crossdressers".

Narrator: "Gakkou e Ikou" has been brought to you by Unilever and the following sponsors.

[The crossdressing male students infiltrate Arashi's dressing room!! ]
[Consecutive pranks that just hit the limit are played!]

[April 1st]

Narrator: "Himitsu no Arashi-chan!"'s studio recording day. To carry out the "Arashi pranks", Sakamoto and Miyake are sneaking around TBS.

Sakamoto: Today, it seems like Arashi has arrived at TBS to do a recording for their new program.
Miyake: Ahh. "Arashi-chan!".
Sakamoto: Right, "Arashi-chan!". Since we're here, we should have them meet our crossdressing members...
Miyake: Ah, that's why we're sneaking around.
Sakamoto: That's right.

Narrator: Broadcasted every Thursday, from 10pm at night. It's a TV show that discovers the secrets of society...
Aiba: Himitsu no Arashi-chan~!
Narrator: Its content involves an investigation on the world's structures and tricks. And this time, on these popular idols, we're going to carry out earnest and prohibited dressing room pranks!

Sakamoto: So first, um... Ninomiya's.
Miyake: Ninomiya.
Sakamoto: Shall we peek at his dressing room first?
Miyake: Yes yes yes.

Miyake: Ah, Ninomiya's alone. What's he doing?
Sakamoto: Is he crying?
Miyake: Is he playing his DS?
Sakamoto: He wouldn't play it with such a serious expression, would he?
Miyake: Ninomiya-kun's quite a game otaku, you see.
Sakamoto: Ah, is he?
Miyake: Whether he's sleeping or awake, he's playing games. And this guy has a bad slouch.
Sakamoto: By the way, this time,
Miyake: Yes.
Sakamoto: we've attached earphones on the crossdressing male students.
Miyake: Yes yes yes.
Sakamoto: So they can hear our instructions.
Miyake: Ah, I see.

[Instruction mike]

Miyake: So while listening to our instructions...
Sakamoto: That's right.
Miyake: they'll carry it out.

Narrator: The first crossdressing male student that Sakamoto sends in is...? For the participants of the "Tokyo Girls Collection", he's the one who owns the greatest amount of femininity and presence, it's the 18-year-old Kodama Kentarou-kun. Well, what kind of entrance will he show us?

[Until the student enters]

Kodama: I've brought the bento.
Nino: Thank you.

Miyake: He doesn't notice at all! Not at all! Ninomiya doesn't notice at all.
Sakamoto: It's hard to tell huh.
Kodama: I'll take my leave.
Nino: Thank you.
Miyake: He's not really looking. 'cause he's focusing on his games.
Nino: Ah... I died...
Miyake: He died. He died.
Sakamoto: This means that he didn't notice the first one at all, right?

Narrator: The next crossdressing student that Sakamoto sends in is...? In the third episode of "Josou Paradise", he shocked the entire studio with his cuteness, it's the high school third year, Hidaka Ryouhei-kun. Well, what kind of disguise will he appear in?

Hidaka: Pardon me. I'm going to prepare the make-up tools here.
Nino: Okay~
Miyake: Ninomiya hasn't noticed, not at all.

[The end?]

Nino: Ueh~
Miyake: He's not noticing at all... it looks like he noticed a bit--
Sakamoto; Before we talk about whether he noticed or not,
Miyake: He's not looking.
Sakamoto: he's concentrating too much on his game!
Narrator: While he's focused on his game, it looks like he has no suspicions at all. In order to surprise such a Ninomiya, the next one to visit the dressing room is...? He appeared in the first episode of "Josou Paradise" and, in many ways, he has a perfect presence in this segment, Ikeno Yukihiro-kun. Well, what kind of entrance will Ikeno-kun show us?

Miyake: He'll figure out from this one, won't he! He'll know!

[Kimono again!?]

Nino: Ah...
Miyake: An encounter, an encounter with an unknown!
Sakamoto: (overlapping) Right, an encounter with an unknown. He doesn't know what's going on.
Miyake: Why is he standing right in front?
Sakamoto: It's a bit of an unlawful intrusion.
Nino: What is it?

Miyake: His mouth is half-open. His mouth is half-open, this guy.
Sakamoto: Shall we go?
Miyake: We should go now.
Sakamoto: Right?

Narrator: They hurry off to explain the situation to a Ninomiya who is not taking it in at all.

Miyake: Hi, good afternoon.
Nino: What is it?
Miyake: You play games too much!
Nino: I'm sorry... what is it?
Miyake: Why do you keep playing your game?
Nino: No...
Miyake: For a while, we've been observing Ninomiya's dressing room the entire time.
Sakamoto: These kids are all actually instigators.
Nino: Instigators? Instigators?
Sakamoto: Instigators.
Nino: Of what?
Sakamoto: We were thinking of surprising Arashi today...
Nino: Eh? Wait...

Narrator: Here, we reveal the shocking truth to Ninomiya!

Sakamoto: You don't know what kind of prank we've played, do you?
Nino: I don't.

Sakamoto: These three are boys.
Nino: Ehhh!?
Sakamoto: Oi, Ninomiya. Would you like to confirm?
Nino: Yes, I want to confirm, eh! Are you serious?
Sakamoto: Introduce yourself.
Kodama: I'm Kodama Kentarou.
Nino: Ehhh. He's really cute, isn't he!
Sakamoto: Don't get all teary-eyed, Ninomiya-kun!
Nino: He's really cute, isn't he!
Sakamoto: They're all boys, really.
Nino: Ahhh, I'm really breaking out in excited sweat right now.
Miyake: You're breaking out.
Nino: Yes, I'm totally breaking out.

[excitedly sweating idol]

Narrator: With the male students unexposed to Ninomiya, it's a great success!

Sakamoto: Then, without delay, with Ninomiya mixed in...
Nino: Yes, please take care of me.
Sakamoto: Right?

[Voluntary participation]

Sakamoto: Let's take a look at the dressing rooms of the other members. Who is this?
Miyake: Aiba and,
Sakamoto: Aiba and,
Nino: (overlapping) It's Sho-chan.
Miyake: Sakurai. One is reading the newspaper, one is actively eating snacks. It's like a father and his child.
Sakamoto: They really are.
Aiba: Want to eat some?
Nino: "Want to eat some," he says, it's not even his!
Sakamoto: Is it always like this?
Nino: It's always like this. Sho-kun will read about three papers.
Sakamoto: He's actually reading them.

[As expected of a caster!]

Miyake: He's doing the news after all, huh.
Sakamoto: That's right.
Nino: And that one will interrupt like that.

[Explaining their own article]

Miyake: He's being interrupted?
Nino: He's being interrupted.
Miyake: No mistake about it.
Sakamoto: Well, but he doesn't dislike it right?
Nino: He doesn't.
Miyake: Sakurai's a good person!
Sho: "If the people who don't usually watch Arashi's programs are willing to watch"...
Sakamoto: Are they curious about your own article?
Nino: They're curious.
Aiba: He sure said a good thing there, Aiba-kun!
Sho: Mine is a lot better!
Miyake: It's like they're praising themselves.

Narrator: Having caught a glimpse of their true nature, the first crossdressing male student shall enter!

Miyake: Ah, he's here, he's here. It's Hidaka-kun.

Hidaka: I'm going to prepare the make-up tools here.
Sho: Oka~y, thank you.
Aiba: Thank you.
Nino: They saw him right?
Sakamoto: They did.
Aiba: Hey, have I gotten fat lately?
Nino: Who cares!
Miyake: Fat, he says.
Aiba: I'm not fat, right? Then that's okay, I'll eat.
Sho: (on TV) If you eat, you'll get fat!

Miyake: Make a mistake and call Aiba "Suzuki".

Narrator: Within Arashi, Aiba's the one who comparatively brings out the aura of an idiot. For such a guy, what kind of reaction will he show us if he's called by the last name, "Suzuki"?

[Until Suzuki]

Sho: Eat until you're fat.
Aiba: Until I'm fat.
Hidaka: Suzuki-san! Um... I've watched you on TV...
Aiba: Wait, me? I'm Aiba...
Nino: But look, it's amazing, they're actually having a conversation!
Sakamoto: It's not exposed!
Aiba: You're not watching at all, are you? Suzuki-san?
Hidaka: I'm sorry!
Aiba: What did you watch?
Sho: Suzuki-san, grab that magazine for me.
Aiba: I'm not Suzuki-san!
Hidaka: I'm sorry!
Aiba: No, no, no.

Nino: What a fun dressing room!

[Watching the dressing room]

Sakamoto: What kind of things make your members happy?
Nino: Because Sho-san has a newspaper right now, talk about the news that he's doing, something like, "Sho-kun's news corner is really easy to understand, and I'm always looking forward to watching it."

Miyake: Hidaka-kun. Say that you're always watching Sakurai's caster form, that it's really easy to understand, and that it's really easy to watch, go praise Sakurai.

(background, as far as I can catch)
Aiba: Is there a Suzuki-san around?
Sho: Maybe there's one in Arashi.
Aiba: No, I'm the one in Arashi, completely. Suzuki-san...
Sho: There might be a Suzuki-san, you know.
Aiba: There isn't! That'd be like a manager right, a Suzuki-san?
Sho: Ah, that's right.

Hidaka: Sakurai-san, you often appear on the morning news, right?
Sakamoto: He doesn't do it in the morning!
Miyake: It's at night!
Sho: The news I do is at night...
Hidaka: Ah, at night?
Sakamoto: He asked! You just come back already!
Miyake: You'll be exposed, you'll be exposed, you'll be exposed, come back.

Hidaka: I'm sorry, um... it sounds like I've been called so...
Nino: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!
Marina: That's so suspicious~!
Nino: Wait!!

Sho: I didn't hear anything at all.

Miyake: He's revealing that there's a catch...
Nino: Wait!
Miyake: "I've been called," he said...
Sakamoto: I totally broke into sweat just now!

Narrator: Because Hidaka-kun was in danger of being revealed, he made a retreat! Here, Kentarou-kun who shocked Ninomiya the most enters!

[New AD!]

Miyake: He's here, he's here, he's here.
Nino: Oh, he's here!
Sho: (background) Ahh, nice to meet you.
Nino: You know, you can't tell with this person!
Sakamoto: The voice is like a girl's too, right?
Miyake: (overlapping) Like a girl's, right?
Nino: Right!

Miyake: They're not noticing...
Nino: See, they're concentrating on the books!
Sakamoto: Right? They completely can't tell at all.
Miyake: Kentarou, um... say that you're always watching Aiba's "Shimura Doubutsuen".

Kentarou: Um, Aiba-san,
Aiba: Yes!
Kentarou: Um... I'm always...
Nino: (overlapping) You can't tell at all!
Kentarou: watching "Shimura Doubutsuen".
Aiba: Ahhh, thank you!
Kentarou: It's very interesting.
Aiba: Ahh, thank you.
Sakamoto: But with this atmosphere, Sakurai wants to be praised too huh!

Miyake: Say that you're watching Sakurai-san's news too.
Sakamoto: The morning one.
Miyake: "Asazuba", "Asazuba", say you're watching "Asazuba"!
Kentarou: For Sakurai-san as well, I'm watching "Asazuba".
Sho: Did I appear in "Asazuba"...?

Narrator: Even when they converse with them, the two don't notice that they're crossdressing males! With that...

Miyake: Since it's not being exposed thus far... even if we threw a ridiculous setting at them, I think it might be okay.
Nino: Shall we do it?
Sakamoto: Shall we try it?

Narrator: Encouraged by the initial success, Miyake's instructions escalate further!

Kentarou: Ah, that's right, regarding the briefing...
Aiba: Yes.
Kentarou: For today's filming, recording... Dandy Sakuno-san is coming. So, um... there's something we'd like the two of you to do... that is...
Sho: Don't tell me?
Kentarou: I'll demonstrate for you once so...
Sho: Ah, you'll do it for us?
Kentarou: Yes, will you imitate it for me?
Sho: Ah, yes.
Kentarou: GET!
Sho: We're doing it now!?
Kentarou: Please do it as well, stand up and practise.

Miyake: Face the mirror...
Kentarou: Ah then, let's face the mirror once... three, okay, GET!
Aiba: In what situation do we do this? We come out...
Kentarou: For this, it's like a spoiler for the end so it's a secret... I've been told to just tell you to do this...
Nino: He's good! He can work!

Sho: GET!
Aiba: What kind of... GET!
Sho: GET!
Kentarou: This leg is the best.
Sho: Huh, mine won't do? GET!
Kentarou: Do it one more time.
Aiba: One more time?
Sho: Ready, set...
Kentarou: It's a little more at this position.
Aiba: Here?
Marina: He's amazing!
Sakamoto: Shall we have them do it until the "Hake"? Okay? Let's have them do it till the "Hake".
Miyake: After doing "GET", please do it until "Hake".
All: GET!
Miyake: Hake, Hake.
Kentarou: Hake?
Miyake: Please do it until "Hake".
Aiba & Sho: Hake?
Kentarou: Please do Hake too.
Sho: Hake is a little...

Narrator: At Kentarou's unreasonable request, Sakurai and Aiba...?

All: Ready, set... GET!


Miyake: These guys are idiots!
Sakamoto: These two are splendid, very kind!
Nino: They're amazing, aren't they!

Narrator: Putting aside the content of the briefing, it looks like these two have been magnificently tricked! Here, to expose the prank, Ninomiya enters the dressing room!

Nino: Hi, it's "Gakkou e Ikou"~! Alright~! I'm always watching you in the morning!
Sho: I'm telling you it's not in the morning! I'm not on "Asazuba"!
Nino: You're not?
Sho: I'm not!

Narrator: Bringing out the two who haven't taken in the situation, they head to the watching room where Sakamoto and Miyake are waiting.

Nino: Will you come in please?
Miyake & Sakamoto: GET! GET!
Miyake: You guys are GET!
Nino: Come, come in.
Sakamoto: Come in, come in.
Aiba: Good morning~!
Sho: There's a lot of people here, what is this?

[So courteous!]

Sakamoto: The truth is, this is a "Gakkou e Ikou MAX"'s prank, a prank segment.

Narrator: So, let's expose the prank to both Sakurai and Aiba.

Miyake: The two next to you are boys.
Sho: Ehh.
Aiba: Ehhh, you're lying!
Miyake: It's true, they're all boys.
Aiba: Eh!
Miyake: The ones lining up there are all boys.
Aiba: Eh, then--
Sho: Ehh!?
Aiba: This paiotsu too? (*note: "paiotsu" is an entertainment way of saying "oppai", which means, "breasts". It's like the way people say "maiu" instead of "umai" (delicious) on TV.) Really?
Sakamoto: Really, really.
Miyake: If you want to...
Aiba: No, no, it's okay!
Miyake: If you want to, you can confirm it.
Aiba: Wait, wait...
Sakamoto: They're boys, so it's okay.
Miyake: He's Kodama Kentarou after all!
Aiba: Kentarou-kun!?
Sho: Kentarou-kun!?
Aiba: Can't tell from his voice!
Sho: Can't tell at all~!
Aiba: He's ordinarily pretty.
Sho: He's pretty.
Aiba: Ordinarily. Isn't he pretty?

Narrator: With the crossdressing males unexposed to Sakurai and Aiba, it's a great success! Well then, the next target is?

Sakamoto: Well, let's take a look at the next dressing room.
Miyake: Okay! Ah, Ohno!
Aiba: It's Leader.
Nino: He's so plain~!
Miyake: This is the kind of hairstyle Ohno has lately?
Nino: That's right.
Sho: He has his legs crossed, doesn't he?
Nino: He does, he does.

[Legs crossed]

Sakamoto: What an old man!
Nino: He's definitely not reading with that speed!
Miyake: He's just flipping.
Nino: With that speed...
Sakamoto: Very casual, sort of.

Narrator: Despite being 27-years-old, an appearance of a 40-year-old drifts off Arashi's leader, Ohno! When he encounters a crossdressing male student, what kind of reaction will he show us?

Miyake: He kind of moves like a bug.

Hidaka: Pardon me.
Ohno: Yes.
Miyake: Oh, he's here.
Hidaka: I'm going to set up the make-up.
Ohno: Okay.
Aiba: I think he can't really tell, even if you advanced on him.
Miyake: Really?
Sakamoto: Ah, really?
Miyake: Then, for a bit... Hidaka-kun, since you're a make-up artist, it's okay for you to touch his hair so, say, "Pardon me, I'm going to fix this for a bit."
Hidaka: Excuse me, I'm going to sess your hair...
Miyake: Sess...
Sakamoto: It's not "setting", huh.
Miyake: Setting.
Sho: "I'm going to fix your hair."
Nino: (overlapping) He should say, "I'll fix your current hair."
Aiba: Sess...

Miyake: Say, "The hairstyle you have now is really nice."
Hidaka: The hairstyle you have now is really nice.
Aiba: Wait... he looks kind of happy.
Sakamoto: He looks happy.
Miyake: It looks like he's picking fleas now!
Aiba: You're right!
Miyake: It looks like he's picking fleas now!
Sho: There are chimpanzee parent-child units like that, aren't there!
Nino: He just made a face like, "Just how long is she going to touch that"!

Miyake: Go a little closer to his face, like you're going to look at his hair more. As you get closer to his face, blow a bit at him.
Marina: That's awful~!
Miyake: Like a make-up artist with a wild nose breathing.
Hidaka: Fuuhh.

[There's a reaction!]

Aiba: He's running, he's running away a little bit. He's superbly amazing at social etiquette so, he doesn't really say, "I don't like that."
Sakamoto: He doesn't say it straight.
Aiba: Yeah.
Sakamoto: Then, what should we do to make him happy?
Aiba: Happy?
Sho: Why don't we have him massage his shoulders?
Aiba: Because he's tired, right?

Hidaka: Shall I massage your shoulders?
Miyake: You must be tired from your plays too...
Hidaka: You must be tired from your plays too...
Miyake: It's showing on your face too...
Hidaka: It's showing on your face too...
Aiba: It doesn't usually show!
Ohno: Ah, well, in any case...
Hidaka: Ah, then, I'm sorry, pardon me.
Ohno: Ah...

Sho: This means that it was, "In any case, that's okay" right?
Nino: He was going to say, "In any case, it's okay," but...
Miyake: He couldn't finish refusing it.
Nino: He couldn't finish refusing it.

Sakamoto: I kind of want to anger the usually gentle Ohno.
Miyake: What will happen...
Sakamoto: I want to know what will happen with Ohno.
Nino: Pretend to adjust his necktie... you adjust it like this, right? Have the hand slip and slam into the chin.
Sakamoto: That's right.
Miyake: Make him hit it.
Nino: Make him hit it.
Aiba: That will hurt!

Narrator: Well, what is Ohno's reaction?

Hidaka: Your necktie is a little crooked. Shall I fix it?
Nino: Fix it, fix it. Say you'll adjust it.
Hidaka: It's okay, I'll do it.
Miyake: Please let me do it.
Hidaka: Please let me do it!
Miyake: Pretend to do that, then smash your hand into his chin.
Staff: Hidaka-kun is blocking the CCD.
Miyake: Say that's hard to do and go to the other side. Go to the other side. Go round the other side.
Hidaka: I'm going to the other side.
Miyake: Against his chin, against his chin, hit it with your right hand.
Hidaka: I'm sorry.
Miyake: Do it one more time, have your hand slip.

Nino: So kind! So kind!!

[As expected of Arashi's Leader!]

Sakamoto: As we thought, he's really kind!

Narrator: Having understood Ohno's kind nature...

Sakamoto: Shall we bring him here?
Miyake: Hidaka-kun, for a second... what, what should I say to call him?
Staff: Um, say, "The staff wants to do a briefing."
Sakamoto: "There's a briefing in another room."
Aiba: He's working on the hair again!
Miyake: Say, "We have a briefing in another room, so can you come with me please?"

Hidaka: Um, excuse me for a minute. It seems like there's a briefing in another room so, will you come with me please?
Ohno: Ah, okay.
Hidaka: Okay, I'm sorry.
Nino: He'll follow just about anyone!
Miyake: He's gullible!
Sakamoto: He's Arashi's leader, you know!
Nino: He's following him!!

Sakamoto: Morning!
Miyake: Morning!
Aiba: Good morning!
Sho: Good morning!
Ohno: Eh... what is this...?
Sakamoto: It's "Gakkou e Ikou MAX".
Ohno: "Gakkou e Ikou"?
Sakamoto: "Gakkou e Ikou".
Miyake: It's "Gakkou e Ikou". We watched the situation in Ohno's dressing room from start to finish,
Sakamoto: We watched it.
Miyake: all of us.
Ohno: But I didn't really do anything interesting...
Miyake: You didn't notice anything strange? You didn't think that anything was weird?
Ohno: You know... she blows at me.
Sho: That sort of peculiarity!?
Ohno: I thought she might've been really concerned about this part in particular.

Narrator: Well then, here, we shall expose the prank to Arashi's leader, Ohno.
Sakamoto: This make-up artist... is not a make-up artist. She's a boy.
Ohno: Eh?
Hidaka: I'm a boy.
Sakamoto: What's your name?
Hidaka: Hidaka Ryouhei.
Ohno: You're a man? (*note: Ohno says this in a speech format that most old men in their sixties use.)
Miyake: You're an old man!
Marina: He's an old man...
Sakamoto: You didn't know that?
Ohno: No, I didn't know!

Narrator: With the crossdressing male unexposed to Arashi's leader, Ohno, it's a great success! And after this!

Nino: He does have an unexpectedly moody side to him!
Miyake: Ah, really?

Narrator: At the unexpectedly moody MatsuJun's dressing room... the crossdressing male students will go wild!!

Kentarou: Are you dating anyone?
Jun: Should I answer that?

Narrator: It went into the most frightening development!!

Narrator: In the dressing rooms of the popular group "Arashi", the crossdressing male students continue to infiltrate without being exposed that they're actually boys!
Ohno: You're a man?

Narrator: But after this, right in front of them, their most difficult enemy will appear!

Sakamoto: Well then, last of all, let's take a look at MatsuJun's dressing room. What kind of person is MatsuJun?
Miyake: We don't really know, huh.
Ninomiya: He does have an unexpectedly moody side to him.
Miyake: Ah, really?
Ninomiya: If you make a move from the start, it's likely that he'll have a "What's with this person" feel.
Aiba: He's the one with the highest possibility (of getting angry)!
Nino: He is. There's a possibility.
Aiba: The possibility is easy to bring out.

Narrator: Well then, we'll have the first crossdressing boy enter! Well, will Matsumoto show us an annoyed attitude?

Jun: Yes.
Sakamoto: Who is it?
Kentarou: Pardon me.
Miyake: What kind of scenario is Kentarou in?

[Change of clothes]

Kentarou: I've arrived for a magazine interview. I'm TV Wide's Kodama.
Miyake: It's an interview!
Kentarou: Please take care of me.

[MatsuJun has been told that he has an interview scheduled]

Nino: He's surprisingly going in smoothly...
Sakamoto: Somehow-- ah!
MatsuJun: Please take care of me.
Kentarou: Please take care of me.
Sakamoto: It's okay, huh!
Aiba: It's okay.
Sho: You can't tell with this one~!
Ohno: Eh, this... this is a man?
Nino: It's a man.
Sakamoto: You haven't met him, huh!
Kentarou: Here's the first question...
Sakamoto: It's a boy.
Ohno: That's amazing!

Kentarou: The new program, "Himitsu no Arashi-chan"...
Jun: Yes.
Kentarou: What kind of program is it?
Jun: I think there are all kinds of people working in the world but,
Kentarou: Yes.
Jun: That... we go directly to the professionals in that industry and listen to their explanations...
Nino: He's answering it very seriously.
Miyake: He doesn't notice at all, does he?
Jun: Um... in Walt Disneyland...
Sakamoto: He's really talking seriously!

Narrator: MatsuJun doesn't notice that it's a crossdressing boy at all. Seeing that, the instigators ride on the momentum and give this kind of instruction!

Miyake: As a mistake, let's have him call him "MatsuJun" instead of "Matsumoto-san".
Jun: (background) Um, in Disneyland, every morning...
Miyake: Ask, "Does MatsuJun have any secrets he's curious about lately?" Make sure you say "MatsuJun", okay.
Sho: If he's suddenly called "MatsuJun", he'll be surprised I think.
Sakamoto: That's what'll happen huh!
Aiba: The (anger) switch may turn on!
Sho: It might.
Kentarou: Um, this is the next question but,
Jun: Yes.
Kentarou: Matsju... Matsuzun...
Miyake: What was the purpose...
Nino: That's amazing, no, that was an amazing trick!
Jun: A secret...
Sho: MatsuJun laughed after all!
Kentarou: I'd like to know a MatsuJun-type secret.
Jun: "-type secret"? What could be a "-type secret"?
Aiba: It feels like the wall was taken away with that just now!
Miyake: It was broken, it was broken!
Sho: That's a good writer there!
Miyake: Right!
Aiba: Really good!

Sakamoto: Maybe MatsuJun thinks he's cute too!
Aiba: He might be! Let's try to ask him out!!

[Totally overdoing it!]

Jun: Every morning I usually put in fruits, mix it around, and bring it to the venue and such...
Miyake: I want to eat that bit of MatsuJun's too!
Kentarou: I want to eat that bit of MatsuJun's too!
Sho: He looks so happy!
Kentarou: Ah, thank you very much.
Aiba: This has possibilities!
Miyake: It does, it does with this flow!!
Nino: It does!

Narrator: There were some dangerous bits but, Kentarou-kun is advancing well with the interview! And here, Kentarou asks a question that you must never ask an idol!!

Kentarou: If we speak of an idol's secrets...
Jun: Yes.
Kentarou: That relationship with girls...

[Is that okay?]

Nino: How will this go?
Kentarou: Are you dating anyone?
Jun: Right now?
Kentarou: Yes.
Jun: Should I answer that?
Nino: Is this okay?
Sakamoto: This is... this is bad isn't it?
Miyake: This is bad huh.
Jun: What is it, what is it, wait a minute, eh, what is it?

Narrator: Because this makes MatsuJun suspicious, we end the interview!

Kentarou: Thank you very much, I'll take my leave.
Sho: No but, MatsuJun had a face that said, there's something weird going on.
Ohno: Somehow his back looks so pitiful.

Narrator: And the last one to enter is that crossdressing male whom we're all hoping for...

Jun: Yes.
Ikeno: Pardon me. There's a Japanese dance corner in the program today so...
Jun: Eh?
Ikeno: I'm Ikeno, here to be your teacher.
Sakamoto: This will expose it all, won't it?
Nino: No one's seen anything like this!
Sakamoto: That's impossible, right?
Nino: No one's seen it before!
Sakamoto: Let's go!
Nino: Let's go!
Miyake: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Narrator: So with that, they hurriedly head straight to MatsuJun's dressing room. After this, the prank is finally exposed! When that happens, MatsuJun...!?

Jun: Yes.
Ikeno: Pardon me. There's a Japanese dance corner in the program today so...
Jun: Eh?
Ikeno: I'm Ikeno, here to be your teacher.
Sakamoto: This will expose it all, won't it?
Nino: No one's seen anything like this!
Sakamoto: That's impossible, right?
Nino: No one's seen it before!
Sakamoto: Let's go!
Nino: Let's go!
Miyake: Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Narrator: So with that, they hurriedly head straight to MatsuJun's dressing room.

Miyake: What are you doing?
Sakamoto: What's with that?
Miyake: What is this, doing this with the fan?
Nino: What's wrong?
Sakamoto: Huh?
Jun: I did think it was weird!
Sakamoto: We watched MatsuJun's room the entire time just now.
Jun: Are you serious?
Nino: We've been tricked as well.
Sakamoto: Right, right.
Aiba: We were tricked.
Sakamoto: (overlapping) We did that for everyone today.

Narrator: Well then, let's convey the shocking truth to MatsuJun as well!
Sakamoto: (overlapping) You couldn't tell, could you?

Sakamoto: These three are boys! The TV Wide one too...
Jun: I didn't think the TV Wide one was a boy at all!
Sakamoto: Right? All the instigators are boys. All of them are male students.
Jun: "Gakkou e Ikou" is kind of...
Sakamoto: What, what? What!?

Narrator: With it unexposed to MatsuJun as well, and having completely defeated Arashi, the mission this time is a great success! With that...?

Nino: Unfortunately, our Leader has been staring at TV Wide (Kentarou) the entire time.
Ohno: No, I don't see him as a man at all...
Nino: The level, right?
Ohno: It's not half-assed!
Nino: It's really high!
Sakamoto: Well normally, in the usual corner as well, we have a lot of them at this level too.
Miyake: A lot of them appear.
Jun: That's amazing...
Nino: So there's others besides these three as well?
Miyake: There's many besides them.
Sakamoto: Lots! In that case, why don't you try coming down once? To see how amazing it is.
Miyake: Right?
Nino: Really?
Miyake: I think it's better to see them in the flesh.
Nino: Then you'll let us go play?
Miyake: It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.
Sakamoto: Seriously.
Nino: Seriously?
Miyake: Seriously?
Nino: Definitely.

Narrator: So, next time! Arashi's Ninomiya makes a sudden participation in "Josou Paradise"! There as well!
Nino: Ehhh!
Miyake: You're kidding!
Nino: Girl? Boy? Which one?


Miyake: Him, him.
Sakamoto: Him him.

Narrator: With that shocking cuteness, Ninomiya goes wild without thinking! Even though it's a strange situation, the studio is oddly giving their blessing too! Furthermore!!

Inocchi: That's amazing~!
Mino: This is next week?
Marina: I'm looking forward to it!
Mino: We can see it next week?
Sakamoto: Next episode.
Inocchi: What is the meaning of that?
Marina: Is that okay?
Inocchi: Nino's lips! I haven't even stolen them yet!


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Apr. 23rd, 2008 06:52 am (UTC)
LOL @ Inocchi's comment at the end. I guess he's a kissing monster just within V6.
Apr. 24th, 2008 10:40 pm (UTC)
You know, I've been hearing that a lot! :O Who has Inocchi kissed in V6??
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Apr. 23rd, 2008 07:04 am (UTC)
Thank you for sharing and translating! Now I can understand better of what's going on :)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 07:31 am (UTC)
aaaa~ it was fun reading it xDD
"Aiba: I'm not fat, right?" lol, aiba is so cute <3
thank you sooo much for translating ^^
Apr. 23rd, 2008 07:40 am (UTC)
Nino should really just come out already xD;;;
Apr. 24th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
Y-Yeah. Save us a great deal of trouble, it would.
Apr. 23rd, 2008 07:44 am (UTC)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 07:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for the translation. I can't wait to see it!!!...hehe
Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:03 am (UTC)
oh my god! i can just imagine the conversation the arashi boys are making with the crossdressing males! hahaha! very funny! thanks for the translation! :D
Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:05 am (UTC)

He did go wild with Kuramoto-kun that time in the purikura station though :D

My mom was highly amused when she saw Nino hugged and kissed the ladies.
Apr. 24th, 2008 10:43 pm (UTC)
alskf Inocchi in that station with the boy, I just, I laughed so hard. He's all, SORRY MINO-SAN I WIN THIS ROUND and I can't help wondering what his wife's thinking. *snrrk*

Your mom watches JE shows with you? XD
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Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:15 am (UTC)
skf;skks ilu for translating the entire show. ♥

Apr. 24th, 2008 10:44 pm (UTC)
My pleasure~! ♥ This is me, making up for my late translations for V6 shows. *l-lol*
Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:16 am (UTC)
may I sub this? may i? may i?

(oh please, you've got to! It has Ken and the two leaders on it!!!!)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
Of course, go for it! ♥

(I still want LeaderxLeaderxLeader action. ;; The third one being TOKIO's. *hums~*)
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Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:25 am (UTC)
And I just have to comment again...... *HUGS* Thank you, dear!!! lots of love, e
Apr. 23rd, 2008 08:44 am (UTC)
THANK YOU!!! It was already funny when I barely understood anything ^_^
Our boys are so polite and well brought up <33333 I feel like a proud mum watching them be nice to people just coz they're such darlings!
Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:07 am (UTC)
Thank you so much!
Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:10 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you! That was so quick! =D
I really wanted to know some parts of it, and you translated it all! (e.g., I wondered why Matsujun had one of the fans when the others entered the room. So he had begun to work on Japanese dance! They're all really obedient, isn't it? ^^)
As you said, it feels good to know that they really are... Arashi, even in backstage :)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 09:26 am (UTC)
Thanks a loooot~ ♥ ♥ ♥
Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:48 am (UTC)
Oh wow!!! u just saved my day!!! hahaha thank you very much for translating this~~~!!!! *in the process of downloading Gakkou max*
Apr. 23rd, 2008 10:58 am (UTC)
Srsly, I'm dead XD The episode was even more fantastic than I had imagined <33333333 Thank you for having the script done so soon!!! And even stuff that wasn't articulated loudly *bikkuri*
THANK YOU again~
Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:02 am (UTC)
this episode is super win!!!., :D
thanks for the translation!., [^o^]y
Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:09 am (UTC)
oh yay! now I can understand what they're talking about. v6+arashi= lovelove
Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:28 am (UTC)
I just watched this raw and laughed my lungs out. XDD Thank you for translating!
Apr. 23rd, 2008 11:58 am (UTC)
OMG, this is so amazing!~ XD
I hope someone'll sub the vid! XDD

Aiba's normally baka, huh? XDDD LOL, SakurAiba = Father and child. XD
I hoped they continued pranking MatsuJun. XD I wanted to see him pissed off. LOL. XD
Oh-chan, yasashii na? I bet he has a crush on Kentarou.(*3*) and WHEE for next episode!!! Nino!!

Kentarou sure looks like a girl~ So not obvious that he's a boy. XDDD

Josou Paradise is amazing, then you combine it with Arashi....equals WIN!! XD

Thanks for translating!!
Apr. 23rd, 2008 12:39 pm (UTC)
it was so fun reading this, i read and watched the clip at the same time - I laughed so hard during Aiba & Sho prank *hahahaah*
Thank you for sharing this translation -- it made my day!
Apr. 23rd, 2008 12:58 pm (UTC)
hihihi this is really enjoyable ^_^

thanks for the translations :)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 01:41 pm (UTC)
thanks for translating this! haha...it makes me understand more on what they talked about! :)
Apr. 23rd, 2008 02:10 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for translations...*Love*
More Understand More FUN, i love all pranks.
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